Hezbollah Just Attacked 2 Military Posts In Israel

In a significant escalation of tensions, Hezbollah has announced a series of targeted strikes against Israeli military installations, marking its initial response to the killing of seven of its fighters in southern Lebanon.

The group released a formal statement, invoking religious texts and asserting that they had “permission to fight” due to being wronged.

The strikes focused on two key Israeli military posts: the Braniat barracks, serving as the command center for the Galilee Brigade, and the Avivim barracks, which is the command center for the Western Brigade.

Hezbollah utilized guided missiles and mortar shells in these attacks, and the group confirmed that the strikes resulted in direct hits on the targeted locations.

These events have significantly heightened tensions in the region, and the latest strikes by Hezbollah indicate a willingness to engage in further confrontations.

Residents of South Lebanon have already begun evacuating the area as the Lebanese army called on Lebanese to avoid the border areas.

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