Hezbollah Kidnapped A 14-Year-Old Girl For Doing A Survey On Upcoming Elections

The Washington Institute | Al-Taharri

The 14-year-old daughter of activist Mahmoud Shuaib, Waad, was reportedly kidnapped and detained for hours by Hezbollah agents in Nabatieh, according to local media sources, Janoubia and Al-Taharri.

Waad was snatched in broad daylight while conducting a survey in the region about the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to her father, who is also known for his group “Independent Southerners”.

The survey had 3 questions:

  • Do you support the holding of early parliamentary elections?
  • Do you support the revolution’s candidates if they run for the elections?
  • Do you support international monitoring of the elections?

Although simple, these questions were seemingly enough to provoke Hezbollah members, Shuaib told Al-Taharri.

The members, who had no problem identifying themselves as being part of Hezbollah, took not just Waad but also a number of other young people conducting the survey.

Waad’s father expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of action by authorities in Nabatieh, despite having filed a complaint at the local police station.

Because of their affiliation with Hezbollah, which has a tight grip on the southern region, the kidnapers went unscathed.

In a post on Facebook, Mahmoud announced that the Independent Southerners will head to the Nabatieh Justice Palace on Tuesday to follow up on the investigation into the kidnapping and the infringement of freedom of his minor daughter (and others) by militia members affiliated with Hezbollah and others from the Nabatieh municipality.

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