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Former Hezbollah MP Throws A Lavish Wedding For His Daughter As Economic Conditions In Lebanon Worsen

Former Hezbollah MP Threw A Lavish Wedding For His Daughter As Economic Conditions In Lebanon Worsen
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A former Hezbollah MP just threw a lavish wedding for his daughter last night with all lights and music blasting while most people in the country are enduring the most severe conditions since the start of the economic crisis.

Nawwar Al-Sahili, who was a Member of Parliament as part of the Hezbollah bloc in 2005, used to represent the Baalbeck/Hermel district, which is one of the poorest in Lebanon.

Oblivious to the people suffering from electricity, fuel, medicine, and water shortages, Al-Sahili seemed untouched by the multiple crises crippling the country, throwing an extravagant wedding only the very wealthy with strong wasta could afford.

The wedding had an over-the-top set of chandeliers and light decorations, which makes the observer wonder where Al-Sahili got the fuel to power them all while almost all parts of Lebanon are only getting 0-2 hours of electricity per day.

His daughter wore a luxurious designer wedding gown that is said to have cost thousands of dollars.

Naturally, such display of extravaganza and now-rare amenities poked the people where it hurts the most since most are enduring harsh living conditions due to years of misgovernance, negligence, and corruption by the officials.

Al-Sahili is supposed to represent the people who are suffering from the worst economic crisis in the history of the country. However, the display of wealth he made lavishly public only tells how disconnected officials like him have been from the people and their sufferings.

More than half of Lebanon’s citizens are living under the poverty line. Meanwhile, politicians like Al-Sahili not only enjoy electricity and amenities the people are deprived of but also make a public display of wealth with a total lack of empathy and responsibility.

That wedding gets one wondering if the politicians in Lebanon are also immune from the economic crisis, and all other crises crippling the nation, the way they are immune from certain laws obstructing the investigation of the Beirut Blast.

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Former Hezbollah MP Throws A Lavish Wedding For His Daughter As Economic Conditions In Lebanon Worsen

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