Hezbollah MP’s Nephew Goes On Rant About Nasrallah’s Speech (Video)

Ahmed Said | Al Rai Media

An unexpected voice from within Hezbollah‘s pool is ringing loud against the party’s chokehold on Lebanon’s government.

In a video, the nephew of Hezbollah MP Imad Hamadeh blasted the organization following Hassan Nasrallah‘s speech on Tuesday in which he challenged the government over his readiness to import fuel from Iran.

Infuriated by how Hezbollah‘s leadership is taking people for fools by reducing Lebanon’s crisis to surface-level things, like shortage in vital goods, Hamadeh’s nephew wanted to make clear that the problem is much deeper.

“I don’t think Lebanon is in need of fuel,” he said, “this is not the true issue we have in the country,” adding that if Lebanon is out of fuel, it can import fuel, but cannot import things like an entire health sector or an army.

“Our problem is not flour, diesel, and gasoline,” he scoffed. “Stop speaking to the people as though they are dumb and don’t understand what’s really going on. The problem is deeper than gasoline and shipments.”

Lebanon’s issue is systemic, he explained, saying that the country is suffering from a “hybrid” regime situation, in which there is more than one entity in power with opposing views.

The real issue is the existence of a state within a state. “All sides are responsible,” he charged. “A side stole the country, its money, and economy, and the other side stole our homeland, its identity, and its sovereignty. There’s a difference between the two.”

He added that Lebanon is hostage to the arms of Hezbollah’s militia. “Allow us to say clearly, the resistance ended in 2006. That’s the reality, with all due respect to those who are getting paid to be part of the militia,” he said.

Watch the full video here:

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