Hezbollah Just Fired Dozens Of Rockets At Israeli Bases (Videos)

Hezbollah Fires Dozens Of Rockets At Israeli Bases (Video)

Hezbollah fired a barrage of rockets at Israeli military bases in the occupied Shebaa Farms in southern Lebanon on Friday morning.

In a statement declaring responsibility for the attack, Hezbollah said the rockets targeted open fields in the vicinity of Israeli military sites “with tens of 122mm rockets.”

Hezbollah said the attack comes in response to the Israeli airstrikes that targeted open fields in Lebanon two days prior.

The statement came shortly after loud explosions were heard in southern Lebanon and Israeli settlements near the border, after which the Israeli military announced that rockets had been fired at the “Dov” military base near the border.

The rockets triggered sirens in some Israeli settlements, and settlers were asked not to go out except when necessary.

The Israeli military later responded by launching an attack on the sites from which the rockets had been launched in Lebanese territory, according to a tweet by its spokesperson. The sites were targeted with 155mm artillery shells.

Videos being shared online show the moment Israeli air defenses were activated to intercept the rockets launched from southern Lebanon.

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