Hezbollah Says Giving UNIFIL Total Freedom Makes It An Occupation Force

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Kazakhstan Defense Ministry

A Hezbollah official commented on the latest U.N. Security Council resolution that extended the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL) in Lebanon.

Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek said that what’s happening contradicts the previous agreements, noting that this is a “dangerous development that turns the (UNIFIL) forces into occupation forces whose role would be to protect the Israeli enemy through pursuing the people and the resistance.”

“The U.N. forces did not make a comment or a stance over hundreds of Israeli violations. If the decision was taken without the knowledge of the government and the Foreign Ministry, that is a problem and, if they knew, that would be a bigger problem,” Yazbek added.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry denied last Wednesday that Lebanon requested the omission of the U.N. resolutions 1559 and 1680 from a U.N. resolution that has extended UNIFIL’s mandate, denying media reports in this regard.

It noted that the resolution “contained a text that does not conform with what was mentioned in the framework agreement signed by Lebanon with the U.N.,” adding that “Lebanon has objected against the introduction of this wording.”

Accordingly, the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has requested to meet with the head of the UNIFIL mission to stress the importance of coordination with the Lebanese Army in order to secure the success of the mission of U.N. forces in Lebanon.

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