Hezbollah Is Warning Israel Not To Target Palestinian Militias In Lebanon

Congress is urging European Union (EU) member states to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

The head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, warned Israel against any attempts to target Palestinian Militants in Lebanon. 

“Any attack on any human being will not go unpunished or unanswered,” he said in a televised speech marking the Shi’ite holiday Ashura, a commemoration of the killing of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Hussein. 

The warning comes after the assassination of Palestinian security official Said Alaadin, on Monday, August 8th, in the Ain el-Hilweh camp in south Lebanon hours after Gaza truce.

Violence erupted last week between Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza strip following Israel’s arrest of a senior Islamic Jihad leader earlier this month.

The Israeli forces reportedly attempted to assassinate senior militants of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. Dozens of people were killed in the Gaza Strip, including at least 15 children.

Nasrallah’s warning to Israel came amid the U.S.’s efforts to resolve the maritime border dispute between Lebanon and Israel, which has been going on for more than a decade. He also took the opportunity to renew his threats by saying that “any arm” that reaches to steal Lebanon’s wealth “will be cut off.”

Lebanon and Israel have officially been at war since the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948. Tension has become thicker in recent months over the disputed maritime border.

On Saturday, August 6th, Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz said there might be possible targeting of Islamic Jihad officials abroad, whom he said could be seen in “restaurants and hotels in Tehran, Syria, and Lebanon.”

“They too will have to pay the price,” Gantz said. 

Gantz had also threatened after the truce negotiated by Egypt between Gaza and Israel, saying: “In the future too, if necessary, we will deliver a pre-emptive strike in order to defend Israel’s citizens, sovereignty, and infrastructure and is true for all fronts, from Teheran to Khan Younis.”

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