You Must Visit This Hidden Palace Gem In Lebanon


Everyone has a main dream or a few. Whether big like a world tour and a diploma from Harvard or small like living alone far away with a small puppy.

Mohammad Al Hawchar’s dream was one of these larger-than-reality dreams. He dreamt of building a palace so beautiful and unique that one can’t possibly pass by without drooling. And he materialized it!

From the building of a summer house with a garden to getting inspired to do some changes gradually, his own perception of the palace of his dreams went on developing and manifesting.

Hawchar works in construction and architecture, hence utilizing his individual and manual skills came naturally to him.

He translated his ideas into an outstanding palace, without any advance upgrades. Neither there was engraving nor engineering, just pure imagination.

He set his dream into action in 1991 and worked hard and long to create this masterpiece, which nearly cost him 2 million dollars, in his northern town of Bakhoun, in Al-Denniyeh.

Its walls expressing different cultures, from Phoenician, Pharaonic, and Roman to Arabic, and its stones honoring the Lebanese culture and various religions, the palace became a top destination to those coming to Bakhoun or visiting the region.

If you are wondering what to expect when visiting it, other than getting amazed, here are some indications: cedars, spears, sword and thrones, rifles, Arab tents, horses, Anjar castle, Baalbeck castle, caves, pitchers, Rauche rock, and much more!

Even the used stones have their unique beauty. The majority are from Jordan and some of them are local stones.

One of the outstanding local stones used throughout the palace, called Al-Kak, comes with different natural colors and shines under the sun’s rays like sparkling diamonds.

Hawchar didn’t forget the children in his palace, which is known as the Palace of Dreams, or Qasr El-Ahlam.

He built it expecting the kids to enjoy exploring it as well. Cinderella’s wagon, Aladdin’s palace, and different famous cartoons are also there for them.

Looking like the Park Guell in Barcelona, the masterpiece of Hawchar, this Palace of Dreams, has become a major attraction in the region of Al-Dinniyeh, which is about a 20-minute ride from Tripoli and 1h 20 minutes from Beirut.

Now that summer is here, and touring around the country is what we mostly do during this warm season, make sure to put this fascinating palace on your bucket list!. 

It is worth the ride, and there are other spots in the area you can also enjoy during your visit, like the Zahlan Grotto of the Jurassic epoch, the highest swing in the middle east, and the Sfireh Roman Temple.

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