At Least 10 Killed And Hundreds Injured Including Prime Minister’s Family In Beirut Explosion

beirut explosion

Tuesday noon, a large explosion at the Beirut Port shook Lebanese residents around the area and the aftermath is still unfurling, painfully.

Videos circulating on social media show tremendous damages but also people in panic and casualties.

So far, hundreds of people were reported injured, overwhelming the hospitals, and 11 people were reported killed.

According to LBCI, the wife and daughter of Lebanon’s prime minister Hassan Diab, and some advisors, are among the injured. Their injuries are reported minor.

Moreover, a member of the fire department is missing while trying to get on the scene, according to the governor of Beirut, and his unit has not been localized yet.

Beirut is crowded with citizens searching for their loved ones. The internet is down in many parts of the city, which is not helping.

The explosion was so massive that it reverberated all the way to the north and the south and was heard in cities like Tyre and Tripoli. Some even claimed having heard it in Cyprus.

It caused damages to many houses and also hospitals, hence the injuries of so many people in the city.

Moreover, the Lebanese Red Cross’ hotline 140 is flooded with incoming calls from panicking citizens.

People are urged to only contact the hotline 140 if they are in dire need of help so the Red Cross can attend to the injured and their efforts to save lives.

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