15+ Perfect Hiking Spots In Lebanon For When You Need To Get Away

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With everything that is going on in Lebanon as well as around the world, people feel the need to hide from reality; and what better place is there to hide than in the heart of nature?

We’ve brought you 18 perfect hiking spots in Lebanon, so you can embrace nature and appreciate the good it has to offer:

#1 Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve

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This is the largest nature reserve in Lebanon. It stretches from Dahr El-Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the South and has an area of 550 km2, which is nearly 5.3% of the Lebanese territory.

The reserve’s most famous attractions are the cedar forests of Maasser El-Shouf, Barouk, and Ain Zhalta – Bmohary.

Claude Abou Chacra

In this reserve in the Chouf district, you will find not only 2,000-year-old trees but if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see some of its 32 species of wild mammals, its 200 species of birds, and its 500 species of plants.

People come to Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve to hike, mountain bike, or snowshoe, but also to get a glimpse at its rich habitat.

#2 Balou’ Bala’a

Balou Balaa, or the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, is near Balaa in Tannourine, Lebanon. This waterfall drops 255 meters into the Balaa pothole.

The cave, known as The Cave Of The Three Bridges is of Jurassic limestone.

Balou Balaa is a popular destination for nature lovers and hikers in Lebanon.

#3 Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve

Arz Tannourine, or the Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve, is one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon.

It covers 12 square km.

The 70,000 ancient trees, 80% of which are cedars, are not the only attractions in the reserve. The rocky hiking trails are a big hit, too.

The hike may be hard, but the journey is worth it! The reserve is known for its various types of birds and wild animals.

#4 Baskinta

Gaby Awad

Baskinta is one of the highest villages in Lebanon. It is known for its natural environment and moderate climate.

In this village, there is a 9-kilometer route that starts at a memorial garden dedicated to Mikhail Neaimy and ends at the house of the writer Suleiman Kettaneh.

Marj Baskinta is also a must-see. The village is becoming a cycling spot for mountain biking amateurs with plenty of technical off-road trails.

#5 Qadisha Valley


Qadisha valley, or Wadi Qadisha, is a gorge that lies within the Bcharre and Zgharta districts in North Lebanon.

Sometimes called the Holy Valley, Wadi Qadisha is located at the foot of Mount Al Makhmal and is carved by the Qadisha River that reaches Tripoli.

This valley is one of the most important early Christian monastic settlements in the world.

The Qadisha Valley is near the Forest of The Cedars of God, or the Bcharri Cedar Forest, a hiking spot you’ll read about in the next point:

#6 Cedars Of God, Bcharre


The Cedars of God in Bcharre, or Arz El-Rab in Lebanese, is located near the Qadisha Valley.

They are one of the last vestiges of the extensive forests of the Lebanon Cedar.

Their timber was exploited by the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Israelites, and Ottomans.


The wood was prized by the Phoenicians and the Egyptians for shipbuilding; the Ottoman Empire used the cedars in railway construction.

This Forest is one of the smallest yet oldest cedar forests in Lebanon and has 375 trees.

#7 Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

El Marada

Horsh Ehden is a small but beautiful Nature Reserve located in North Lebanon. It contains a diverse remnant forest of the cedars of Lebanon.

This reserve is a very important part of Lebanon’s cultural and natural heritage.

Hiking through Horsh Ehden, you will walk through a mixed forest of Juniper, Fir, and the country’s last protected community of wild apple trees. Not mentioning the valleys, the gorges, etc.

You will also find a lot of endangered species like the Eastern Imperial Eagle among others.

The amount of plant species recognized till now accounts for nearly 40% of plant species in Lebanon.

#8 Darb El-Mseilha


El-Mseilha trail takes its name from the Mseilha Fort North of the City of Batroun.

The fort was built by Emir Fakhredine ll in the 17th century. It is a long, narrow limestone rock near the Nahr El-Jawz River.

Darb El-Mseilha is a walk parallel with Nahr El-Joz in beautiful surroundings along the way to Mseilha fortress.

This is a new hiking spot in Lebanon, and the walkway is surrounded by history, heritage, and beautiful nature.

#9 Mount Sannine


Mount Sannine’s highest point is 2,628 m above sea level in Mount Lebanon. The mountain has a base of limestone and it is considered a national landmark.

Not only is the hike amazing, but the journey to the mountain is also very pleasant.

The hike leaves from the spring in the village of Nebaa Sannine, situated six-kilometer east and up from the center of Baskinta.

The views of the surroundings are equally amazing during summer and winter.

#10 Beqaatet Aachqout


Beqaatet Aachqout is located in Keserwan District, Mount Lebanon Governorate. This village is great for a relaxing walk in nature and a hike. It is full of greenery and majestic rocks.

Beqaatet Aachqout is home to many natural wonders and nature lovers will definitely love exploring them all.

#11 Chouwen Lake / Moses Mountain Reserve

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Jabal Moussa has dramatic scenic views including the Adonis Valley. It is located 50 Km away from Beirut, and 20 Km away from Jbeil.

You can access Jabal Moussa from 4 entrances: Qehmez (Baydar el-shawk), Nahr ed Dahab (Mchati), Yahchouch (Assnawbar), and Chouwen.

You can hike your way around or take the Roman Stairs. These stairs are part of the local and regional heritage of Jabal Moussa. They represent the best-preserved part in Lebanon.

Raymond R.

Jannet Chouwen, home to Lake Chouwen, will leave you speechless. The stream that runs down from the mountain flows in “Nahr-Ibrahim” known as the river of the god Adonis.

You will also have to hike to get to the lake but believe me, it is totally worth it!

#12 El-Qammouaa

El Qammouaa is located in Fnaydek village in the Akkar District. The Qammouaa El Ezer Forest hike is distinguished by the abundance of one thousand years old trees: Juniper, Cedar, Oaks, etc.

This forest is considered one of the most important in Lebanon and it is considered the village’s landmark.

There are various trails for you to take while hiking in El Qammouaa, El Ezer forest.

#13 Bab Wadi Jahannam

SANE Lebanon

Wadi Jahannam is located in the North of Lebanon. It literally translates to the Valley Of Hell and it separates El-Meniyeh, Donniyeh, and Akkar.

This valley is home to many rivers, and the trail is natural and diversified including moderate inclines and declines all along.

While hiking, you will be surrounded by water, greenery, and giant mountains.


#14 Al-Qoubaiyat

Nidal Majdalani

This village is located in the Akkar Governorate, Lebanon. Qoubaiyat’s flat internal roads stretch over a distance of 41 kilometers, making them perfect for walks and bike rides.

As for hiking, you cand discover hiking trails delineated by local students.

J’aime Ma Forêt (I Love My Forest) was launched to bring students on board to delineate hiking trails that highlight the natural capital of the area.

There are more than six trails of different levels and distances surrounded by great sceneries.

#15 Kfour Springs Trail

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Kfour is a Lebanese village that overlooks the bay of Jounieh. It is located on the Ghazir (Jdeidet Ghazir), Kfour Road.

Kfour Springs Trail is highly popular among nature lovers due to its amazing landscapes.

Embrace the pines, cedars, oaks, and olive trees while hiking and the unique rocks. The trail is 4.5 km and is known as the hidden gem of the village.

#16 Bentael Nature Reserve


The Bentael Nature Reserve is located in the hills to the east of Jbeil (Byblos), north of Beirut.

It is a 10km hike during which you will encounter various trees, 4 Species of Amphibians, 650 kinds of insects, 25 species of mammals, 365 plant species, 18 hiking trails, and more than 7 attractive sites.

Being one of the smallest nature reserves in Lebanon (1.5 square km), this reserve is noteworthy because of its history. It was one of the first reserves to be created in Lebanon

#17 Lebanon Mountain Trail

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This is a longe distance hiking trail in Lebanon. It is 293 miles long; it starts from the north and ends in the south.

From Andqet, a village in the north, to Marjaayoun, the trail connects around 75 villages. Hiking the entire trail takes 27 days. The Lebanon Mountain Trail has guide services that enable hikers to complete the trek safely.

It also organizes only two hiking trips per year, the April Thru-Walk and the October Fall-Trek.

#18 Qornet Es-Sawda


The Black peak is located in Bcharre, North Lebanon, and is the highest peak in the Middle East (3088 m).

The hike is 12 kilometers each way. The path is full of great views and the peak is accessible from late April through early October.

The safest way to hike to the peak is to arrange a local guide. The hike can be done in 5-6 hours.

The Black Peak offers a very unique scene in all directions; Syria, Cyprus, and Lebanon.

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