Hilarious Game of Thrones Banners Pop Up on a Bridge in Lebanon

Three hilarious banners about Game of Thrones just went up on a bridge in Beirut, and people can’t stop sharing them! 


The first banner reads “The people of Beirut support Jon Snow in his battle against the White Walkers.”

Via Dona-Maria Nammour


While the second, hung on the other end of the bridge, says, “Jon Snow… God Protect You.”

Via Dona-Maria Nammour

The third, which appears to be not hung yet, addressed directly one of the show’s main characters. It says, “Cersei Lannister… Be smarter… Our strength is in our unity..”


Via Dona-Maria Nammour

And in true Lebanese banner etiquette, all banners were signed off “friends of Faisal Tamrawi.” Who Faisal Tamrawi is, we don’t know… and perhaps never will.


This isn’t the first time Lebanese fans of the show hilariously referenced its content and compared it to the Lebanese life.

Jon Snow is a beloved character and one of the main heroes of The Game of Thrones. No one forgets the time we saw this hilarious poster from a 2015 protest, referencing to one of the times Jon wasn’t in on the plot twist.


Or the time someone lit him a candle at The Martyrs’ Square.


Or this one when a poster, celebrating Jon’s survival after a dramatic season finale saw him in the death’s throes, made it to the news coverage of another protest.

In fact, people often use GOT to parody political events in Lebanon. This tweet, for example, refers to the time our presidential position was left vacant for months on end.


The show has such a huge and active fanbase in Lebanon that a GOT-themed bar was opened in Zahle.

Lebanese fans were given a special treat in 2017, when Kristian Nairn, the actor that plays Hodor on the show, came to Lebanon to DJ.


Via Hhodor

Across the globe, fans of the medieval fantasy have been waiting on the edge of their seats to watch the show’s next installment. Season 8 is expected to conclude the world phenomenon, with the final episode slated for May 19, 2019. Don’t miss watching this beautiful cover of the Game of Thrones’ theme song by Lebanese band Iyam el Lira:


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