10+ Hilarious Hummus Memes That Will Make You Crack Up

The funniest of all hummus I’ve seen is the variety of alleged hummus without chickpeas in supermarkets abroad and recipe blogs. For us Lebanese, that is not hummus at all.

Why? Because hummus, dear all, means chickpeas in Arabic. That’s the only reason it’s called hummus: Its main component is chickpeas.

The moment you replace the chickpeas with something else, like pumpkin and the likes, you would just have given yourself a new food that has nothing to do with hummus.

That’s said and clarified, let’s jump into the funny memes about hummus from around the world; only the real hummus. 

#1 Get me Hummus!

Make them 10, kiddo; I need to lose weight! (It actually does help!)

#2 Dieting…except when it comes to Hummus!

“Ah, yes? I am actually hungry NOW!”

#3 That’s how much he loves hummus!

Turning into a sacred emblem? (P.S. That’s what happens when you use carrots instead of chickpeas. You lose it!)

#4 A world mystery

Ask the Lebanese, dude! We have the answer.

#5 Synonyme of LOVE, now?

Who knows? It could probably solve the Middle East eternal conflict…

#6 The hope in humanity

Yep, Hummus is! And he means the authentic Lebanese Hummus, people, made of chickpeas.

#7 The Hummus treasure

In a mission for hummus? Just take a flight to Lebanon, silly!

#8 Everyone loves hummus but…


You look at them as if they’re weirdos…

#9 When Korea sends its hummus message 후무스

Gosh, hummus really looks very nice written in Korean 후무스 as this fellow lover of hummus in Seoul captioned his message. Warning: it is pronounced humuseu.

#10 Doctors say: 

“No problem, I have it covered!”

#11 When Hummus is vital to some…

#12 Some are really addicted to it!

Psst! It’s a myth, dude. Eat plenty. Hummus actually makes you lose weight. Check it out!

#13 When you (selfishly) eat all the Hummus…

No worry, an exit strategy is in place 🙂 

#14 Hummus, the all-convincing pitch!

(I know!)

#15 When your friend is feeling down

Because happy friends matter…

Time to check why Hummus is so popular worldwide!

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