15+ Hilarious Lebanese Jokes That Will Make Your Day

You may call it dark humor or you may give it to the Lebanese to spot the funny out of dark or difficult occurrences.

That’s not new about us. It’s actually a characteristic of survival mode, and survival has been very much part of our history these past decades, and more so these days.

It is us rising above the hardships and braving the challenges and the pain with that which is the most therapeutic of all: Laughter.

From politics to disasters, we spare nothing, and we do make sure to share it with everybody online. Generosity obliges.

#1 High prices in supermarkets are killing us

Anyone is smiling nowadays in supermarkets other than La Vache Qui Rit?

#2 Give the new PM a chance

Captioned: “The people of “give him a chance” remind me of the shoe sellers when they tell you: They loosen up at wear.”

#3 When a Lebanese pulls a historical Prison Break

He makes sure to send his best wishes to his opponents, publicly. If he doesn’t, his fellow Lebanese make sure to do it on his behalf.

#4 When Lebanese people want to assess a Minister

Captioned: How do you know the Minister of Agriculture is strong? From his plant in his office.

#5 While the Lebanese people wait for a technocrat government

And there is no way to make it happen.

#6 Embarrassing Santa Claus

It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Maybe Santa can make the dream come true; or a miracle?

#7 During the Casserole protests

A senior woman amid the protesters yelling their demands was asked, “What’s your demand, Hajjeh?”

The protester answered, “I am looking for my damn son; he took my casserole since yesterday and he hasn’t returned it.”

Fair demand. Add it to the revolution’s list!

#8 Lebanese politicians have also their demands in this revolution

Indeed, it has been for years. Come on, people, how dare you to compete?

#9 When Lebanon’s ATMs ceased to allow withdrawal of dollars… 

The A.T.M. turns then into a joke online of a different meaning: Afish Tes’hab Massari = You Can’t Withdraw Money.

#10 When the Lira decides to speak up and open her own social media account

Well… She tried… Poor disregarded Lira…

#11 Beirut, here I come!

Captioned: “Tut tut 3a Beirut is a special message to my Lebanese friends who all know what it means. ” Yep, we do! 

#12 Carlos Ghosn is definitely Lebanese

To have fooled everybody and pulled such a bold stunt? Sure do! And we’ll probably watch it in a movie about him one day.

#13 How about sushi, Carlos!

From Adeela, the Lebanese social media influencer: “Japan will be enforcing penalties on us and cutting us off from Sushi.”

Well, the risk is there, Adeela. We might need to start creating our own sushi, probably from the rare fish species that appeared in Lebanese waters recently. Not such a bad idea.

#14 The Lebanese are heading to the country’s collapse

“How are we going to go to the collapse if there is no fuel [to go].”

#15 Best Lebanese surveillance cameras

Our taytas are the best in capturing everything with utmost dedication.

#16 When a Lebanese politician writes his book

He gets to invest substantially from the state funds because it is the most important documentary book ever written… (even if no one will ever care to read it).

#17 When Lebanon gets flooded, a new demand is added to the revolution’s list

“Wanted: A Techo-Plumber Government to disburse the flooding water.”

#18 Because we believe that a fish is a sign of good fortune

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Following a day in which Lebanon flooded, “Tonight, if you see a fish in your dream, don’t say a good fortune is coming to you. No, habibi, wake up… The water has reached over your bed.” 

“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.”

~ Veronica Roth

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