Hilarious: Lebanese Mom Gets Pranked Live On Air In America

It seems like Lebanese people in America enjoy messing around and trolling people. First, there was

the guy who pranked the news station

in Texas and now a Lebanese mom gets pranked live on air in Detroit, Michigan. Best part, it was her own daughter who pranked her! It was part of a show called “5 lies to tell your mother” by Mojo in the Morning on Channel 955 radio station. Someone has to call their mother and say 5 specific lines at some point during their conversation. If they can say it, then her and her mom win a dinner in a limo ride. These were the 5 lines she had to say:

  • “Mom I’ve been selling stuff to make extra money”
  • “I need you to help until I get home from work”
  • “Some customers are coming to your house today”
  • “All you have to do is put weed in the bag”
  • “And make sure they give you the money”

The entire thing is happening live and is broadcasted on the radio. In this specific segment, a Lebanese daughter has to convince her mother that she started selling weed or hashish. She asks her mom if she could meet with the “buyers” and sell it to them. Obviously, the mother flips and threatens to kill her live on air. I believe this video goes back a couple years but we thought it deserved reviving! https://youtu.be/mAUNK5w_rt0


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