Hindi song copied from Fairouz’s “Ya Hajal Sannine”

In 1964, the Lebanese actress and singer Fairouz played the role of Rima in the famous musical play “Biyaa El Khawatim” (Ring Seller) in the Cedar Festival. The movie was screened in Lebanese cinemas a year later. The play is directed by Youssef Chahine, Fairouz, and the Rahbani. “Biyaa El Khawatim” is about the mayor of a fictional village who invents a character named Rajeh. He convinces the villagers that Rajeh is a criminal and they should be careful. Just like all the plays which are directed by the Rahbani brothers, this play features amazing songs such as “Ya Mersal Al Marasil.” A Hindi film named “Izzat” was screened in 1968. It features a song which copied the music of “Ya Hajal Sannine” from “Biyaa El Khawatim.” The film is about Adivasi Shekhar who returned home from college and finds out that his mother passed away and that she was having an affair with another man.