Heartbreaking Video Of A Homeless Man In Beirut Goes Viral For His Inspiring Humanness


In a country hit by hyperinflation and multiple crises, including an alarming rise in poverty, it would be assumed that the selfish law of survival would reign among the deprived.

Yet, a homeless man in Beirut has proven otherwise, giving the Lebanese people and the world a lesson in humanness that is hard to disregard.

Over 7 million people so far, from around the world, got to watch in awe on TikTok as the homeless demonstrated incredible compassion toward those ‘more unfortunate than him.’

He actually refused to take money collected for him because “someone needs it more” than him. He thought of the poor families and of the orphans while choking in tears at the gesture.

The scene was posted on TikTok by ‘Plan Lb’ and the video went viral across social media platforms, triggering tears among millions of viewers.

A user commented that “this guy is the definition of what humanity needs to be like.”

“Yeah this could help me and I am struggling… but what about everyone else struggling?” he said, expressing what the homeless reflected in his stance.

“This brought me to tears. This kind of humanity doesn’t exist anymore,” the user added.

The person behind the Plan Lb account decided then to invite the homeless man to his home for a shower and new clothes, and the gratitude was overwhelming to watch.


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This heartwarming and inspiring video is also heartbreaking. It reflects the tragic reality of many in Lebanon who now have no place to live due to some landlords wanting the rent paid in fresh USD.

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