‘Homeless To Homes’ Initiative Is Helping Beirut Families With 1-Year Rent

The Beirut explosion has impacted the area surrounding the port, causing buildings to collapse.

Families found themselves suddenly homeless, with no sanctuary to run to. And this Lebanese food blogger decided to help them out.

Right after the explosion, BeirutFood and his group of friends helped clean up the rubbles and volunteered to tidy up the destroyed buildings.

While volunteering, BeirutFood got to chat with the impacted families and listen to their needs.

One would expect that a food blogger would facilitate the distribution of hot meals to those impacted, like his colleagues. But, Beirutfood complied to the people’s financial needs.

“They were worrying about future expenses; like fixing the damages and paying rent for their unlivable homes,” BeirutFood explained to The961.

“So, I started a gofundme fundraiser to help secure one-year rents to those in need.” With a goal of $10,000, the food blogger is hoping to house at least 7 families in need.

So far, BeirutFood was able to secure 3 families for a year whilst waiting for their homes to be rebuilt.

In addition, the blogger will help to pay old rents so that residents can stay in the homes they grew up in.

“Many houses were severely damaged and aren’t completely safe for their residents to stay,” BeirutFood told us. “And, because of the financial situation in Lebanon, many residents are afraid of getting kicked out of their homes.”

Also, Beirutfood has partnered with the Lebanese NGO Arc-En-Ciel to distribute furniture for those who need it.

Other than securing homes to the homeless, BeirutFood is planning on other projects to help those impacted overcome these difficult times in Lebanon.

“I’d like to thank those who donated and remind them that they’ve helped vulnerable people secure a sanctuary. God bless you all,” the food blogger said.

“And, if you aren’t able to financially help out those in need, the least you could do is share the cause on your social media platforms. It’s time for us to unite for our damaged city and help rebuild it, unlike our negligent government.”

Those who wish to help this initiative cover more rents can do so by visiting the gofundme page.

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