15+ Places To Go Horseback Riding In Lebanon


For centuries, people have taken pleasure in the sport of horseback riding. For many equestrians, there is a special beauty to be found in horses and a sense of power in riding them.

Lebanese ancestors were also horsemen and Lebanon has long taken pride in having one of the most active horse racing facilities in the world, until the civil war.

Beirut Hippodrome, which has reinitiated its activities, is there to speak of that golden age and the Lebanese love for horses.

For many in Lebanon, horseback riding is a legacy they maintain and nurture. There are several such facilities across Lebanon for professionals as well as beginners and horse lovers.

Here are 15 of them:

#1 Cedars Horse Riding Club

Located in Ain Zhalta, Cedars Horse Riding Club is a horse riding school in the beautiful Cedars Reserve. It offers its services throughout all seasons.

#2 Equestrian Circle

Equestrian Circle, located in Beit Mery, is a self-described “premier venue” for horseback riding and livery stables in a picturesque area perfect for adults and kids.

#3 Horses’ Hacienda

Based in Bmakine, Aley, Horses’ Hacienda is an equestrian center in the mountains that offers lessons and caters to private horses, headed by Ahmad Reda.

#4 Dbayeh Country Club

Dbayeh Country Club describes itself as a “first-class” equestrian center and stable. They have award-winning instructors and a beautiful landscape.

#5 Aley Equi Club

Based in Tareek Al-Karameh, the Aley Equi Club provides horse riding among many other services, such as paintball and ATV rides.

#6 Valley Club Antoura

The Valley Club in Antoura, Kesserwan, has a horseback riding club with 45 boxes, 2 quarries, and 2 paddocks. It offers instructors for riders of various levels.

#7 Levick Equestrian Academy

Located in Byblos, Levick Equestrian Academy is an equestrian school and center that boasts an arena and rides on the beach.

#8 Chaar EquiClub

Chaar EquiClub is a horse riding school and equestrian community that is based in Bkeftine, Koura. It was launched by equestrian lover Tarek Chaar.

#9 Cavallino Equestrian Club

Cavallino Equestrian Club is a horse riding school located in Mrah El Hbas, next to Jezzine. It also includes a restaurant and a kids’ area.

#10 Horseshoe Nammoura

Horseshoe Nammoura is a horseback riding school in Nammoura, Kesserwan. It also offers activities like trail riding and horse jumping.

#11 Pegasus Riding Club

Pegasus Riding Club is an equestrian club and sports team located next to Mansourieh and that participates in competitions and show jumping.

#12 El Rancho Vida

An adventure club based in Ghadras, Kesserwan, El Rancho Vida offers horseback riding among other activities like archery and ziplining.

#13 Faqra Club

The beautiful Faqra Club, in Faqra, offers horseback riding as one of its many outdoor and indoor activities.

#14 Mechref Country Club

Mechref Country Club is an equestrian and polo club located next to Damour that offers classes and more.

#15 Zeghrine Equestrian Club

Zeghrine Equestrian Club is a horse riding club and field in Zeghrine, Mount Lebanon, known for its family-friendly atmosphere.

#16 Al-Adham For Horses Club

Also, check the prime horseback riding club in Kfar Matta village for professionals but also for beginners and horse lovers. Al-Adham For Horses Club offers classes, show-jumping, training, and more, and participates in international races.

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