Lebanese Doctor Just Became Latvia’s New Health Minister

Zane Bitere/LETA

Lebanese native, Hosams Abu Meri, has taken on a significant role in Latvia as the country’s newly appointed health minister.

This appointment marks a historic moment for Latvia, as Abu Meri becomes the first cabinet member from the Middle East in the European nation.

Hosams Abu Meri, a skilled gastroenterologist, embarked on his journey to Latvia when he decided to pursue his medical education in the country.

Born in Lebanon in August 1974, Abu Meri’s dedication and expertise have led him to this remarkable position.

Notably, Abu Meri’s path to leadership in Latvia’s political landscape began on December 21, 2017, when he assumed the role of faction head within Latvia’s Unity party.

As he takes on the responsibilities of health minister, Abu Meri’s journey from Lebanon to Latvia serves as an inspiring example of how talent and dedication transcend borders.

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