How Christmas In Lebanon Is Celebrated By Christians And Muslims Alike


Christmas is the time for love… and peaceful co-existing, a Lebanese feature that is most remarkable during this season.

This beautiful and joyous holiday is the one period of the year when everyone puts their differences aside and enjoys this festive season. It’s like the spirit of Christmas embraces everyone, uniting the country in peace and joy.

Christmas celebration in Lebanon is for everyone. This is how noticeable it is across the country and at all turns:

Mosque and huge Christmas tree siding each other


Christmas trees are a staple during this holiday season, especially the famous colorful tree that is ignited by the Al-Amin Mosque in Central Beirut, amplifying the co-existence of the Christian and Islam communities.

Dazzling decorations in the malls

Malls in Lebanon become a splendor during the season with dazzling decorations that people of all ideologies want to visit and take photos with.

Whether it’s one of the many ABC branches, City Center, or Le Mall, every mall across the country celebrates this festive season with gorgeous Christmas decorations and trees.

Decorations sparkle everywhere across the Country

Christmas decorations line almost every street you drive through and every city and town in Lebanon wished their residents a “Merry Christmas” by displaying colorful neon lights or Christmas trees, regardless of the population’s religion.

All restaurants are decorated for Christmas

Eating out in Lebanon during this season is a special experience as people immerse in the beautiful ambiance of Christmas.

Christmas Shopping is a Universal Experience

It is that time of the year when every single store is packed with Christmas lovers looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Companies set up Christmas trees in their lobbies

Not only do malls and supermarkets set up Christmas trees for the occasion but also many companies across the country do so. Employees and visitors are welcomed daily with the festive sight of a Christmas tree and/or nativity in the lobby during this season.

Christmas is celebrated in schools and universities

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Christmas is truly the most beautiful time of the year. The Christmas spirit has managed to extend to various schools and universities, leaving traces of Christmas decorations or secret Santa games.

Engaging in Christmas Festivities

Regardless of religion, the Lebanese get together to enjoy the Christmas festivities the country has to offer. Exploring Christmas markets or dancing to Christmas songs or attending Christmas concerts and events are must-dos during this holiday season.

Christmas events are attended by everybody

Restaurants and entertainment venues are filled by Lebanese of all religions attending the events organized for the occasion. No one wants to miss that!

Christmas gifts are given and exchanged

There is nothing more exciting than the long-awaited Christmas Eve or morning when everyone is gathered around their beautiful Christmas tree, anticipating the gifts they will receive from Santa.

Many companies and businesses also present their employees with Christmas gifts, and friends and colleagues tend to exchange gifts on the occasion regardless of their religion.

Christmas Dinners & Brunches

No one knows how to throw dinner parties better than Lebanese people, especially during this wonderful and joyous time. Friends and acquaintances get invited regardless of their religion, and bellies are filled with delicacies and Christmas desserts.

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