This Is How The Internet Is Reacting To The Mayyas’ Getting The Golden Buzzer On AGT


By now, you’ve probably seen all over the media the Lebanese dance group The Mayyas that scored a golden buzzer at one of the largest shows in the world: America’s Got Talent.

Prior to their performance and during a chat with the judges, The Mayyas emphasized their goal to promote women’s role in dance culture in Lebanon and empower women in the region as a part of their journey.

Their performance was eerie and extraordinary, dazzling the jury and the audience, and earning them an enthusiastic standing ovation.

The reactions did not end with the performance. The diaspora went sharing the video with their loved ones back home, expressing their pride. In Lebanon, reactions stormed social media.

Famous Lebanese singer Carole Samaha expressed over twitter her love for The Mayyas and how proud she is to be Lebanese.

Parents were even prouder:

Others had a funny take on it, which pretty much expressed the happy interlude The Mayyas gave the Lebanese from their daily complaining about their country:

Here are some Lebanese celebrities and TV presenters’ reactions:

Nadim Cherfan, founder and choreographer of The Mayyas group had always mentioned the criticism they received for “believing they could achieve something” in a country like Lebanon.

Yet The Mayyas have scored successes ever since, winning regionally in 2019, and reaching now one of the world’s most famous and most-watched talent competitions, America’s Got Talent, with an extraordinary performance that got them a standing ovation.

Right after the golden buzzer, Cherfan wrote in a post on IG, “I would like to tell these people [that] I’ve made it from Lebanon to the whole wide world. I’m never leaving my country because my country has never left me.”

Reddit also had its share of reactions:

After all, the Lebanese did really need something extraordinary to boost their spirits amid the ongoing crises, and The Mayyas just gave them that, along with a message of women’s empowerment and of the Lebanese extraordinary talent, creativity, and artistic culture.