Here’s How The Lebanese Shia Community Commemorated Ashura This Year

Kassem Shoukini | Nabatieh Official Website

Unlike what is commonly misinterpreted, the Islamic Ashura is not a celebration but a commemoration, a mourning event observed by Muslims, and more specifically by the Shiite community.

Shiites commemorated Ashura on the 9th day of Muharram with a long march rich with lamentations and chants, including “Labaika Ya Hussain” or “I am here, O Hussain!”

961 headed to Nabatieh District to cover the occasion.

On this day, food and water would be offered for free along the march to mourn and remember the suffering of “Ahel el Bait”, who were cut off from any of that.

In observance of the blood loss during the Battle of Karbala, the Lebanese Red Cross set up a tent for those in the community who commemorate the event by donating blood.

A play rehearsing the Battle of Karbala is usually held on the 10th day of Muharram, which took place this year in the central area of Nabatieh.

Nabatieh City Municipality
Nabatieh City Municipality

Ashura is relived every year to invoke the memory of the suffering of “Ahel el Bait” and in remembrance of their sacrifice.

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