How the Lebanese Revolution Celebrated Its One Month Anniversary

November 17 marked the one month anniversary of the Lebanese revolution. One month of freedom, independence, unity, hope, fighting, and complete awesomeness. This special day was full of special events as if anyone were to expect anything else at this point. This is how the Lebanese people and the revolution celebrated their anniversary:


#1 Happy one month of Revolution!

Before we go into it, I just wanted to wish every Lebanese woman, man, and child a happy one month of Revolution!


#2 Tripoli was just being Tripoli 

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Just when we thought that Tripoli has reached the peak of what’s possible and can’t go any higher, we learn that it has wings! Like seriously, how can people in Tripoli be so awesome?


#3 Artistic day-dreaming

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Some gained a lot of hope from the fact that Lebanon is still standing after so many days and they made it a point to express it. Our country is so beautiful right now, and beautiful things deserve to be painted.


#4 The anniversary was international

It wasn’t a great day only in Lebanon but in various other places like America, France, and Australia. Lebanese protesters abroad are just as enthusiastic and full of joy. 

  • New York

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  • Paris

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  • Australia

Via Lebanese forces


#5 The games continue

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The game of Tawle, so frequently played on protest grounds, is just a perfect representation of the game of revolution. They both need the patience, focus and good wits that protesters used to get this far.


#6 Sky lanterns

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Any special occasion during the past month that has been celebrated within the revolution included sky lanterns. What could be better than a clear and sparkly sky on a day like this one?


#7 The crowds!

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This really shows the long breath Lebanese people have. The number of people on the streets is still on the rise! There is no doubt that the revolutionaries are longing for a good meal and a comfy bed, but then look at this determination!


#8 The first step to independence

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For anyone who said that this revolution is going nowhere, look at what it has achieved on its anniversary. An independent, non-party citizen, Melhem Khalaf, won the Beirut Bar Association elections over another politically backed up candidate. It is a first in Lebanon for decades! Is this not getting somewhere? And here is all that you need to know about the new head that will be leading the association.


#9 The students’ celebration

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Students praised their own efforts. They made it and they are proud of themselves, as we are proud of them. The students’ party place was the usual: In front of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, with the Lebanese flags and colorful fireworks.


#10 Pure happiness

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Who said dogs can’t protest? A better country for us also means a better country for our furry friends. Plus, they deserve to be present on this special day, because most dogs have been loyal participants in the revolution. Such good boys.


#11 The Lebanese Humor

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This guy took his Lebanese humor with him to France, but unfortunately couldn’t take a bowl of his grandma’s Tabbouleh; this was his chance to get his claims through. Give us a better country, so this guy can come back home and eat some authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh!


#12 Picasso made a surprise visit

@apocxlyptiqueembedded via  

Most of all, this past month has revealed some great talent and geniality. So what better thing to do on the 17th of November but to keep showing the world that we are a nation that deserves all it’s asking for?


#13 Kuwait made us a cake!

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This chef from Kuwait, named Talal, used to always make Lebanon a cake on independence day. This year, he decided to prepare it ahead of time for Lebanon’s revolution anniversary, in honor of people’s efforts and hard work.


#14 Santa Claus couldn’t wait for Christmas!

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Santa made an early appearance not wanting to miss the celebration. It seems like Lebanon’s streets are bound to witness a lot of other celebrations. Only if kellon left soon (even if they don’t!). Christmas and New Year’s parties in Riyad El Solh? Count me in!


#15 Beirut got even louder

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Every night, bangs can be heard everywhere in Lebanon, and this day was no exception. In fact, Beirut was making noise even louder than any of the other nights. Drum the system away, people!


#16 The unforgettable heroes

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This is just part of the revolution’s daily routine now. People will never be able to get the revolution heroes out of their minds. They will always be remembering, thanking and praying for them. These are the angels that look after Lebanon and the Lebanese people.


#17 Music and Dabke

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Where there is happiness in Lebanon, there is dabkeh. Where there is musical instruments, there is dabkeh. Where there are Lebanese people, there is dabkeh. Dabke is just everywhere. 


#18 Candles of faith

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It’s not hard to imagine the wishes made when each candle was being lit. Even if it takes two, three, or eleven more months, the Lebanese haven’t been more stubbornly patient than now. If they keep this spirit, they’ll get there.


#19 More parties!

Via أخبار البقاع

Of course, people were partying. But to make this one stand out, people in Bekaa hosted the revolutionary singer Ahmad Kaabour. His songs of the revolution are heard in every place of protest, and they are very inspiring. 


#21 Things went crazy

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Just your average Lebanese person, taking things one step higher.


#21 And then even crazier

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Is it even a Lebanese revolution if nobody does something out of the box? Just please be careful, we need you.


#22 Beautiful, beautiful moments

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All in all, it was truly a beautiful celebration. It is just too obvious, how much people are happy, proud, and optimistic. Moments like these are the fuel that keeps everyone going strong and tirelessly.


Again, happy anniversary, Lebanon Revolution! Hopefully, by the next month’s anniversary, we’ll be also celebrating the revolution’s happy ending. Keep going, we are rooting for you! 

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