5 Ways To Negotiate For Better Prices In Lebanese Stores


It is an art only our mothers and grandmothers have mastered. You have a Masters’s in architecture? That’s impressive. But have you ever gotten a shirt that costs less than the price of a Shawarma sandwich? Nope, not unless your mother or grandmother was at the store with you.

So, here are 5 ways our great negotiator of grandmothers and mothers get away with paying less in stores.

#1 I am your loyal customer. Wallaw, don’t you offer loyal customers special prices?

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You know that it’s the first time you’ve ever entered that store, let alone the neighborhood, but you rely on the hope that the shop owner doesn’t know that.

There is a huge possibility that he or she knows you’ve never been inside his or her store before, but the doubt is still there and, the hec if he or she will take the risk of losing your alleged loyalty…!

#2 I either pay 20,000 L.L. or I’ll never step in your store again

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Ah. The threat. It’s a cliché but effective still. You see all kinds of mixed reactions on the seller’s face:

Anger… because he/she will not give in to threats. Sarcasm… because he/she really could not care less if “Mona” did not buy neon pink khaki pants. Fear… because he/she is just an employee and is scared to be blamed by the shop owner for losing a customer.

And, desperation… because with all the pride and overthinking, he/she knows that no one other than you will ever buy this neon pink khaki!

Bottom line, it works!

#3 What? 5 000 L.L.? My neighbor Mona just got it for 4,500 yesterday!

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This is where the shop owner gets stunned in total confusion and unnecessary conflicts begin to rile up between the employees and the owner. Employees will accuse each other of lowering the price, and the shop owner would probably give in to the change in price because of the employees.

Truth be told, you probably don’t even talk to your neighbor. Mona who?

#4 Okay, don’t lower the price, but at least gift me something from your store!

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Aha! This is a tricky strategy. When the shop owner’s thoughts go for a nice black hairclip to give away, you are probably eying that exotic vase you probably could not have afforded. It’s the survival of the fittest here. You either win big or go home empty-handed. Choose your words wisely.

#5 It’s for 100,000 L.L, but it’s only 20,000 for you

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This is a strategy by the shop owner. NEVER fall for that. There is no way in hell a seller will lower prices because your hair looks nice. This product probably costs less than the price he/she is offering especially for you. If you fall for that trick, you might as well tip the seller for being so mischievously witty.

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If you are not up to this challenge, you are advised not to shop without the support of your Lebanese mother or grandmother so you will come back with most of your budget still in your pocket… Plus some nuts and almonds and maybe even a maamoul wrapped in a Kleenex tissue because your grandmother HAS to taste all the sweets before getting her usual halewet el-jeben.