How to Pick Your Best Campsites this Autumn in Lebanon

There is a wrong misconception that claims that camping in Lebanon is best in summer. Lebanese autumn is your ideal season to go for two days of scraping pumpkins in the woods and singing along some scout tunes, all while setting up your tent without the fear of getting bitten by a wild snake.


#1. Camping in sites not too far from Beirut

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Our mountains turn really cold during October, but campsites that are still high but not too far from our coasts are perfect to enjoy camping and nature, fresh but not cold. Leave Bsharri for your summer list and stay close to Batroun. Kfar Abida in Batroun, for example, is your autumn destination for long hikes without sweat or feeling cold.


#2. Take out your pumpkins and start scraping

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Scraping pumpkins at home can get messy and overcrowded for your kitchen. Camping for a day or two in Snounou Rural Life, for example, will give you all the space and time needed to scrape some fun and scary pumpkins that will make sure to keep your little siblings awake at night.


#3. Say goodbye to mosquitos and beetles

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Personally, this is my favorite part of camping in autumn. No more waking up in The Cliff Camp in Yahshush with giant red bumps that will continue on itching until next summer.


#4. Not too humid, but not too cold

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Summer camps can be fun and all, but the hikes are a kill in the heat. It’s too sweaty that you don’t get to enjoy it, and the sun is too sharp that it’s hard to focus on anything but to stay hydrated. Autumn is the best of both worlds, and in any destinations your heart desires. Not too hot to lose all the liquids from your body, and not too cold that your toes fall off.


#5. Sitting around bonfires all night long

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During summer, it can be too hot to make a bonfire in a lot of campsites like Al-Yasmine Guesthouse in Tyre or any campsite near the coast. Due to the weather change in September and October, bonfires are essentials at nights as it can get too cold without one. Sitting around a bonfire as you heat up the Zaatar Saj Mankoushe and sing along a Fairouz song while stargazing is an ideal way to spend an autumn night.


#6. Picking up colorful autumn leaves

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Talking from the perspective of a Beirut resident, one of my greatest joys is seeking a naked tree with yellow, orange, and red leaves surrounding its roots. One of the many things you can do in the woods of Le Camp in Deir El Harf, for example, is collecting colorful leaves that trees were too burdened to carry.


#7. A last goodbye before studying


Knowing that we have long semesters of exams and breakdowns ahead of us, it is very important to say goodbye to peaceful care-free and serenity with a lovely camp by the beach of Anfeh.


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