5 Ways This New Phone Can Be Your Best Friend During Eid Al Adha


“nova” is for innovation, we mean it’s right there in the word. Of course, you need diabolical ideas to save you from the

Eid Al Adha

family gathering. That weird cousin, loud uncle or prying aunt are no match for the Huawei nova 2 plus. Its dynamic and sleek design makes for a trendy carry. On a more  geeky note, its AK4376a HIFI chip and HUAWEI Histen optimization are sure to deliver an extraordinary experience. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to get the nova 2 plus.

#1 The “Eid Mubarak Selfie”

Eid always comes with strings attached, new outfits, obligations and family. You want to make sure to take some selfies for the annual “Eid Mubarak” insta post. In comes the HUAWEI nova 2 plus as its 20 MP front camera is the answer to all your selfie woes. The camera generates a blurred effect like that of the professionals’ and it sports the latest in facial recognition. Use the phone’s beautification mode to give that selfie a boost and go at it hands free with the camera’s effective gesture system. Any person with an awkward or shaky selfie can relate to the struggle of pressing a button for a picture. With the nova 2 plus’ new gesture activation the phone is more personal than ever. With just a move of your hand your nova 2 plus will take the perfect selfie. No strain and plenty of gain!

#2 The Perfect Outfit Photo

The front camera isn’t all that makes this phone the one to own this Eid. Its 12 MP+ 8 MP rear camera insures that you never get a shaky outfit picture again. How many times have you asked your mom for a picture of your outfit on


morning and were stuck with ten photos, more or less, with her finger at the corner of a blurry zoom shot? Take advantage of the optimized zoom technology and the auxiliary detail oriented cam to ensure mom never takes a bad picture.

#3 The Brag Rights

We all have that one cousin that refuses to put a cover on their phone and chats with the device held up so they’re sure you’ve seen it. With the Huawei nova 2 plus you’ll have a brag worthy phone. It’s 6.99 mm thinness and smooth, symmetrical finishing make for a futuristic device. The all metal body with new shallow finger-print technology will make sure your phone is never smudged. Variety is not an issue with the nova 2 plus as it comes in many colors including Graphite Black, Prestige Gold and Aurora Blue.

#4 The Entertainment

Sometimes, in the Eid family gathering you’ll look across the room towards that uncle who’s always fighting sleep. His head lulling to the side and snapping back may be the most entertaining part of your day. That is of course, after your phone battery has long run out. With the nova 2 plus’ quick charging battery and advanced power technology never lose access to your phone by lunch time anymore. With a fast CPU and amazing battery life, the nova 2 plus will keep you occupied.

#5 The Amazing Efficiency

Remember that prying aunt we told you about? She’s right there trying to take a look at your home screen. With the nova 2 plus’ 0.3 second unlock and answer technology she won’t have time to glance at your messages or calls, unless she’s that awkward… She probably is. If all else fails and that one cousin is still talking about the car he bought in Dubai, the nova 2 plus’ Android 7.0 settings and advanced EMUI technology make for a pretty preoccupying phone. Smooth no-hiccup software and intelligent CPU allocation are sure to ensure the best app experience. That is not to mention the phone’s unique audio algorithm and uninterrupted tunes. Even its most basic sounds were developed by Grammy Award winning composer Rainer Maillard. Survive this year’s family gathering with a good friend, the nova 2 plus. Tune out all the chatter and annoyance for an all-consuming phone experience. Picture, service and sound have never been this good. If anything, you can just pretend to be chatting so that relative will stop asking you about how far you haven’t gotten in your life, you still must visit with the family after all. This article is part of a sponsored content promotion. 

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