The Hub Digital Center Just Launched In Lebanon To Support The Youth

CMA CGM is a French transport and logistics group founded by the Lebanese Jacques Saadé who emigrated to France in 1978 due to the civil war.

It is a world leader in shipping and logistics, with 200 shipping routes in more than 100 countries. Since 2017, his son Rodolphe Saadé leads the company as its Chairman and CEO.

One of the company’s great visions includes paving the way for digitalization, standardization, and interoperability.

This new project shows the commitment of the company and its leadership to aiding the development of the digital ecosystem in Lebanon.

This initiative will be now supporting the Lebanese youth through providing jobs, which will in turn limit immigration, especially during the intense crisis Lebanon is going through.

Preserving the Lebanese human capital during this time is very crucial for the future of Lebanon.

During his visit to Lebanon this week, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rodolphe Saadé installed the digital center The Hub through Beirut Digital District (BDD), which is a community dedicated to the digital and creative industries in Lebanon. 

Located in the heart of Beirut City, BBD started in 2012 and has now around 5000 employees.

It is an all-inclusive professional urban development with rich networking opportunities, offering a superior business environment as it fosters the growth of digital startups and encourages entrepreneurship.

The mission of The Hub Digital Center will allow the creation of a unifying digital vision while aiming at rethinking and designing products and processes for the digital age.

This new initiative has recruited 20 digital specialists, including API specialists and Cybersecurity experts among many others.

The CMA CGM company of the Saadé family has already undertaken other initiatives of support to Lebanon.

Just recently, they launched a “Support Lebanon” operation that distributed to Lebanese NGOs 35 tons of foods and 2 cubic meters of medicine, all purchased locally from Lebanese producers to support the economy.

It’s worth pointing out that our people in the diaspora have not forgotten their homeland and its urgent need for them during this critical time. 

Rodolphe Saadé’s support to his country of origin via his family company and as per its capabilities is a striking example that many of those who left do care still and significantly. 

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