45 Tons Of Humanitarian Aid Just Arrived To Beirut From Malta And Portugal

Mirpuri Foundation

Almost two months after the explosion, more assistance is being provided to help the people of Beirut recover from the devastating blast of August 4. 

The “Beirut Relief Flight” is an effort by the Maltese and Portuguese aviation industry community to collect and deliver urgent humanitarian relief to Beirut.

Organized by Captain Charles Pace of Transport Malta, Aviation Malta, and the Portuguese Mirpuri Foundation and Hi Fly charter airline, the initiative has provided 45 metric tons of aid, including food, water, and medical equipment to the Lebanese people.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response of the Maltese public who have shown such solidarity with the people of Beirut and have not hesitated to help the Lebanese in their hour of need,” said Captain Charles Pace.

“We want to contribute and help by sending emergency and humanitarian aid to Beirut on Hi Fly,” expressed Paulo Mirpuri, president of the Mirpuri Foundation and Hi Fly.

Upon this flight, the Mirpuri Foundation through its charter airline Hi Fly has helped deliver three tons of aid collected through the “Help Beirut” initiative, which was created by Portuguese doctor and travel blogger Andreia Castro.

Dr. Castro’s initiative started single-handedly and turned into a large effort with hundreds of people and organizations looking to donate through “Help Beirut.”

The genuine concerns of foreign individuals taking initiatives like this one to help out have been heartwarming to the Lebanese people and of great moral support at a time where their struggles don’t seem to end any time soon.

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