Hungary Donating To The Maronite Church’s Efforts To Feed The Hungry

Support from friendly countries continues to stream into Lebanon in the aftermath of Beirut Port Blast.

Lebanon, which was already struggling at the edge of the abyss with its too many unattended crises, is now in a national emergency, and only the generous assistance of other states could now save it.

Hungary is among the countries seeking to help. It is sending 1 Million Euros in financial aid to be delivered, not to the government, but to the Maronite Church.

The Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, declared on Wednesday that “Hungary Helps Humanitarian Aid Program” will send the money to Lebanon’s Syriac Maronite Church of Antioch.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

The Maronite Church, which is headed by Patriarch Bechara Boutros El-Rahi, has been already providing tens of thousands of people with help, including food, since the economy started to collapse.

Its help is covering 33,456 people at a cost of about $2 million and through various associations and organizations.

Its most recent social assistance and food aid plan is even more comprehensive, aiming to cover “every family that suffers from a lack of a breadwinner” so as “not to fall prey to hunger, despair, and death,” stated Patriarch El-Rahi.

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Hungary Donating To The Maronite Church's Efforts To Feed The Hungry

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