A Woman & Her Unborn Child In Lebanon Died After Being Beaten And Burnt By Her Husband


A young wife, aged 21, and a mother of two kids died after her husband subjected her to severe violence and burned her, according to Al-Salam Hospital in Tripoli.

Hanaa Al-Khidr was pregnant in her fifth month and had miscarried as a result of the severe violence her husband, Osman Akari, subjected her to. Her health condition was very grave when reaching the hospital.

The Director-General of Al-Salam Hospital in Tripoli and Head of the Surgery Department, Dr. Gabriel Al-Sabaa, explained to Annahar that, about 10 days ago, Hanaa was brought in for severe violence and suffering third-degree burns.

He added: “Hanaa was undergoing the most important means of resuscitation and surgery, and her condition was very dangerous. Her survival was like a miracle.”

He also pointed out that Hanaa was in the department of major burns at Al Salam Hospital, which is considered the most important and best for treating burns in the Middle East.

According to Annahar, a verbal altercation between Hanaa and her husband preceded the violence and burning in an attempt to force her to abort their unborn child under the pretext of financial hardship.

Local media shared that days before her death, the husband, who works as a taxi driver, had hit her on the stomach in front of his mother to force an abortion. He then demanded she followed him to the next room where he committed his unspeakable crime of burning her with a gas bottle.

As the crime triggered outrage in Lebanese society, the question remains on whether the husband will be arrested and trialed according to the extent of his crime.

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