Ice cream parlor to bring Lebanese flavors to Canada!

Lebanese in Canada! We have good news for you! A Lebanese-Canadian cheesemaker named Joseph Chaeban will open an ice cream shop where you will get to taste Lebanese-flavored ice creams. Although chocolate and caramel ice creams taste great, it would be nice to experience new flavors such as blossom water, rose water, pistachios, and many more! Joseph said that these flavors might seem strange for North American people. However, he believes that they will change their opinions after tasting the product. Initially, he wanted to open a Lebanese restaurant. However, he changed his mind after his friend suggested him to use his skills in the dairy field. Joseph then thought of opening an ice cream store, even though he had no prior experience in this industry. The store, which will open at the end of November, is called Chaeban Ice Cream. According to its Facebook


, the ice cream parlor will offer Lebanese flavors and flavors that are familiar to the Canadian palate. Chaeban is spending most of his time working on the vanilla ice cream because he wants the taste to be exquisite. These are the flavors which will be available when the parlor opens: vanilla beandark chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate almond, mojito mint chocolate flake, salted caramel, Dogwood coffee, Banana Nutella, beet, and pistachio rosewater. More flavors are on the way! The store is located on 390 Osborne Street in Winnipeg.

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