Someone Tried To Resell Fuel In Pickle Containers In Lebanon

Someone Tried To Hide Fuel In Pickle Containers In Lebanon
Lebanese Customs

Lebanese security forces seized on Thursday a large amount of fuel as it was being transported in a van.

The customs administration in the southern city of Sidon seized from the van dozens of gallons filled with gasoline.

Customs personnel also seized a large amount of diesel fuel stored inside barrels used for storing and transporting pickles.

The barrels had been loaded onto a pickup truck and prepared to be sold on the black market.

A photo released by Sidon’s customs authority shows that at least 200 gallons of gasoline and two dozen pickle-barrels of diesel fuel were seized in the operation.

The fuel containers and the involved suspects were transported to the Land Control Division in Sidon to take the necessary legal action under the supervision of the judicial authority.

This comes a day after security forces arrested a man who was transporting 800 liters of diesel fuel in Mount Lebanon.

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Someone Tried To Resell Fuel In Pickle Containers In Lebanon

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