Finally! It’s Now Illegal To Sell Little Colored Chicks in Beirut!

Ziad Chbib, the Governor of Beirut, has announced yesterday that selling colored chicks is now forbidden in Beirut, Lebanon. The statement said: “In an effort to protect children and animals alike, Governor of Beirut Judge Ziad Chbib issued a decision forbidding the selling of chicks, particularly colored chicks, in Beirut.” Around Easter time, it’s quite common to see people on the street selling these colored chicks. They often have cardboard boxes full of them. Most of the time, a toxic dye is used on them which results in an extremely shorten life span. If the dye itself doesn’t kill them, they are often abused/killed (unintentionally) by the kids. Often, they die from starvation. There’s also the issue that they may carry sicknesses. Not sure where this idea originated but what’s the relation of colored chicks to Easter? Just a reminder that there is none. Just so you know, the process of dying them is disgusting. They are shoveled into a big plastic bowl and then the dye is squirted all over them. They are then aggressively tossed up and down in the air just as you would with a salad. This is repeated several times with no regards to their bodies or the paid they might be suffering.

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