10+ incredible forest walks you must add to your bucket list!

Summer is almost over so make sure to visit these forests! Take a nice walk and breathe fresh air to boost your energy!

Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

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This reserve is the largest one in . It goes from Dahr Al Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south. It encloses 3 cedar forests which constitute 25% of the remaining cedars in . In fact, this reserve is home to 200 birds that include ones that are rare.


Wadi Al Hujair National Reserve

If you are a tree enthusiast, then this reserve is the perfect gateway for you. Wadi Al Hujair National Reserve is full of oak and valonia forests.

Bkassine Pine Forest

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Bkassine Pine Forest is a famous destination for hikers and adventure lovers. It is the biggest pine forest in . Bkassine is the home of old bridges, heritage houses, and natural wonders.


Qadisha Valley

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The Holy Valley is the ultimate destination for people who seek peace and adventure. It is the home of the Colombian hermit Father Dario Escobar who has been living in Our Lady of Hawqa Monastery for 17 years.


Arz Jaj

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Arz Jaj is located in Byblos. It is a forest that encloses hundred of cedar trees that are between 1200 and 2000 years old.


Bentael Nature Reserve

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It is the first unofficial reserve in !


Haddath El Jebbeh Cedars Forest

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Hadath El Jebbeh is snowy in winter and cool in summer which makes it lovely to visit any time of the year.


Al Ammouaa Forest

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Located in Akkar, this forest is abundant in different types of trees.


Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

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The reserve in Ehden contains cedars and encloses 1,058 plant species which 40% of them are native plant species in . This place is also rich with trees: 39 species of native trees have been identified.


Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve

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This nature reserve protects one of the largest cedar forests in . It houses birds, insects, mushrooms, and flowers. It includes many trails that uncover the beauty of and its rich culture in different ways.


Cedars of God

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The Cedars of God is the most famous cedar patch and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Phoenicians exported cedar woods which were considered luxurious. In fact, King Salomon used cedar wood for his temple.


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