LAU Independent Candidates Just Won Almost Every Seat In Student Elections


It is a big day for students at the Lebanese American University who are making history today.

For the first time in the history of the university, all independent candidates won all the seats they ran for in the LAU student council elections against candidates of the Lebanese Forces (LF) and the Amal party.

In Beirut, independents won the majority vote with 9 out of 15 seats; with 4 for Amal and 2 for Lebanese Forces.

Meanwhile, up north in the Byblos campus, independents claimed 5 seats, with 9 going to Lebanese Forces, and 1 for Amal. It was a first for the independent candidates.

The win may seem small in the larger scope of things, but it is a glimmer of hope, a whiff of change, a strong indication of what the youth of Lebanon are aiming for.

Independents are making their mark, changing things from the way they were just a year ago:

These elections are a small mirror reflecting Lebanese politics in the eyes of Lebanese youth.

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