Independents Just Won The Crucial Seats At 2nd Phase Elections Of Order Of Engineers & Architects

Independents Just Won The Crucial Seats At 2nd Phase Elections of Order of Engineers & Architects

In an overwhelming victory, independent candidates of the “Syndicate Revolts” coalition just won the position of the Head of the Order and all other seats in today’s 2nd phase of the Order of Engineers & Architects Elections.

The second round of the Order of Engineers and Architects elections took place today in the Syndicate’s center in Bir Hassan where 8842 people cast their votes to elect the new head of the Syndicate, along with 9 new members of its council.

8 people were nominated for the title of Head of the Order but the main competition was between Aref Yassine, of “Syndicate Revolts”, Bassem Al Oueini, of “For a Patriotic Professional Syndicate” which is linked to the Future Movement, and Abdo Sikkariya, of “Syndicate is Our Home,” who allegedly ran as an independent candidate.

Those 8 candidates were left from 23 engineers who were originally nominated but withdrew their candidacy after the parties that nominated them failed to reach agreements among them.

The focus today was on Aref Yassine of “Syndicate Revolts” who managed to get 72% of the total votes after the coalition of independent opposition groups devastated the elections in the first round, winning 221 out of 232 seats.

Other than the Head of the Order, “Syndicate Revolts” had nominated 3 people for branch presidents, 6 people for council membership, 3 people for the Pension Fund Control Committee’s membership, and one person for Pension Fund Management Committee membership. All of the nominees won.

The full list of secular winners can be seen below

Head of the Order: Aref Hassan Yassine (5798 votes)

The branch presidents:

  • Joseph Shafiq Mushaileh for the presidency of the first branch (6166 votes)
  • Divina Michel Abou Joudeh for the presidency of the second branch (6337 votes)
  • Ali Hassan Darwish for the presidency of the seventh branch (6107 votes)

Membership of the General Assembly of the Order Council:

  • Ibrahim Hassan Hejazi (5638 votes)
  • Charles Raymond Fakhoury (5726 votes)
  • Camille Hana Hashem (5662 votes)
  • Youssef Salim Abou Karam (5701 votes)
  • Rabea Kamel Hassan (5587 votes)
  • Yasar Kamal Al Indari (5587 votes)

For membership of the Pension Fund Control Committee:

  • Salman Sobhi Al-Dubaisi (5712 votes)
  • Ahmad Tarek Al-Bassat (5809 votes)
  • Hassan Ahmad Kazma (5713 votes)

For membership of the Pension Fund Management Committee: Raymond Gabriel Khoury (6119 votes).

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