Months Old Baby Contracts The Virus In Lebanon

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The first case of infant infection has been recorded in Lebanon. As coronavirus cases continue to soar on a daily basis, a four-month-old baby boy has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

According to the infant’s parents, who also tested positive, the baby returned with a positive test alongside his six-year-old sister.

The boy’s father, Mazen Al-Muqaddam, told Arab news that his son’s symptoms “are still tolerable” and that the family is receiving treatment while isolating themselves at home in the southern village of Toul.

“My son Mohammed started showing symptoms three days ago. He was coughing and unable to sleep,” the father said.

“Doctors told us that we caught the virus a week ago. We still don’t know how. For nine months, we have been following all the necessary preventive measures.”

Despite the total lockdown that has been extended till February, cases remain on an all-time high while hospitals are struggling to face the virus.

Lebanon on Friday registered 3,220 new coronavirus cases and 57 further deaths, as the country is planning receiving the Pfizer vaccine early in February.

Hassan Diab, the caretaker prime minister, confirmed that “all financial and administrative procedures have been completed to ensure the arrival of the vaccine in the specified period.”

Rafik Hariri University Hospital, January 11, 2021. AP Photo by Bilal Hussein

International organizations are trying to support the vaccine drive in Lebanon. The World Bank announced on Thursday that $34 million will go to help Lebanon secure vaccines as it is tackling a dangerous surge in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

Meanwhile, the head of the government’s emergency health committee set a strategy for the distribution of the Pfizer vaccines, which drive will include 33 or 34 vaccination centers across the country.

Assem Araji, head of the committee, announced that Lebanon has plans to obtain 2.2 million vaccines from Pfizer, as well as 1.5 million vaccines through the COVAX platform, while talks with AstraZeneca are continuing in order to secure an additional 2 million vaccines.

“This will bring our total to 6 million vaccines, which will allow us to vaccinate around 3 million citizens and residents,” he assured, taking into consideration the need for 2 doses per person.

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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