Infographic shows the distribution of women running in the parliamentary election

A total of 976 people announced their candidacies for the 2018 parliamentary election which will take place on May 6. A record of 113 women is running for the election! Among the candidates are artists, journalists, and activists. This marks a sharp increase compared to the 2009 election where only 12 female candidates registered. UNDP Lebanese Election Assistance Program (LEAP) 


an infographic that maps the number of women candidates:

  • North Lebanon: 24
  • Bekaa: 15
  • Mount Lebanon: 32
  • South Lebanon: 9
  • Beirut: 33

There are no women candidates in Nabatieh and Minnieh. The districts with most women candidates are Beirut 2 (24) and Metn (11). The infographic also indicates that 50.8% of registered voters are women whereas 49.2% are men. In total, there are 3,744,245 registered voters. UNDP LEAP aims to make the elections in Lebanon transparent and inclusive.