Violent Scuffles In Beirut Between Protesters And ISF, Dozens Injured On Both Sides

LebISF | Kareem Chehayeb/Al Jazeera

Intense scuffles broke out on Tuesday between the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and protesters and families of Beirut Blast victims, who stormed the house of caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi in Beirut.

The people’s angry reaction came as a result of Fahmi refusing to waive the immunity of the officials summoned by Judge Bitar over the Beirut Blast that had killed over 200 people.

The demonstration turned violent and injuries were reported on both sides. The side of the ISF, where most forces were armed with batons, tear gas, helmets, and shields, reported at least 20 injuries.

On the civilian protesting side, which was unarmed, several injuries were reported among the unarmed and unprotected civilians who were hit with batons, suffocated with tear gas, and shoved away from the premises.

Many protesters had to be treated in aid cars nearby and at least 10 cases of suffocation from the tear gas were reported. At least 3 journalists were injured by the ISF while they were reporting the incident.

When the ISF posted a video and stated the number of injuries among its forces, indicating the broken glass at Fahmi’s building, many Twitter users replied with pictures of the Beirut Blast victims.

The replies were a reminder that over 200 people died from the August 4 explosion which is the reason for their protest for justice. Some demanded to know why the ISF is protecting those responsible for the tragedy.

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