30+ Inspiring Sights Of The Lebanese Flora

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Flora was originally the name of the Roman goddess of flowers. Hence, it was used for a long time to speak of flowers, until it started to be used in a broader sense to also include trees and vegetation types.

Flora was also the goddess of spring and of youth, and one among many fertility goddesses in Roman mythology. But she was more importantly honored during springtime for her association with the season of flowers.

That said, among today’s Flora category, we tend to give flowers less importance than trees, delicate and small as they are in comparison. Yet, can we possibly imagine our world without flowers?

There is a good reason why flowers are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a gift or about doing a nice gesture for someone. They tend to brighten one’s day and lift the spirits.

Despite their fragility, these beautiful living nature’s creations have the power to touch hearts, mend relationships, declare love, strengthen friendships, convey good wishes, inspire joy, express kindness, and diffuse soothing energy in one’s environment.

That has been the case of their relationships with humans since prehistory with flowers being offered for their medicinal and herbal properties. The tradition of flower-giving goes as far back in time.

For that reason and more, this listicle of the Lebanese flora will mainly focus on the beautiful flowers spotted in Lebanon’s nature, which breeds over 3,000 species, including trees and vegetation types.

An Iris Cedreti, like a princess among evergreen trees

They beautify old walls in the wildnerness

Loose cluster of olives flowers blooming at the end of spring

A natural arch of Acacia shrub

Flaming-pink peonies

Standing proud

A bride from the wilderness

Incredibly determined – spotted in Kozhaya

Painting the sky…

They’re more than okay co-existing

They actually co-exist in beauty!

Pampas bidding summer farewell… like a featherly parade

When they form a natural carpet of… smileys!

Probably the cuter mushroom ever

And a massive one!

They have their special way to decorate the wilderness

And color it in joy

Forming a bridal venue

Some are just formed like a Christmas tree!

There’s also Earhtly Stars

Wearing sparkling winter

Their aroma is a message of love to humans

Beauty & the Beast

Dancing with the wind

Spring vibes

Frozen in winter beauty

A lesson from Mother Nature: If fragility can defy obstacles to live, so can humans.

Take it from their stubborn resilience…

We can’t get enough…

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30+ Inspiring Sights Of The Lebanese Flora

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