Instagram Adds ‘Support Small Business’ Feature and Lebanese Are Loving it!

Lebanese Development Network | Anera

Instagram just rolled out with a new coronavirus-inspired feature that will help the community adapt to the new normal. They added a “Support Small Business” shoutout sticker and Lebanese small businesses got a boost of hope.

The photo/video sharing app has been active during the pandemic. Earlier, it released a social distancing feature that connected people through the app.

Now it is doing its part in the crisis to make people feel helpful and productive in their communities.

People also are loving this new feature. They finally feel they can help their local business owners get some engagement. All it takes is a simple shoutout!

The “Support Small Businesses” sticker is available in Stories. It also appears as its own Story, which is a collection of all the shoutouts made by your friends.

The pandemic has taken its toll on businesses around the globe. Mentioning a small business on IG is the least people can do to support it.

That is especially true in Lebanon where the virus outbreak has come to further impact the already decaying economy.

Businesses have been shutting down for a while now, even some deemed solid, like Le Bristol Hotel in Beirut, the Empire Metropolis movie theater, the Cat Cafe, and the Balthus restaurant just now.

From their side, small businesses are fighting for their lives, and small and new entrepreneurs are trying to make it through.

Now, Lebanese people can lend them their support, and from the comfort of their homes, with just a click of the IG Support Small Business.

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