Intense Protests Breaking Out Across Lebanon

Abbey Sawa | @LFofficialpage

Rage in the streets, burning tires, road blockades, and chants against sectarianism and the system that continues to dramatically fail them, people in Lebanon found themselves with no other way to call for the tragic living conditions in the country to end.

Thousands of citizens from different backgrounds and sects are unleashing their anger and frustration on the streets, blocking roads across the country, as the Lebanese pound hit a new record low of 10,000 LBP/USD on the black market.

Taalabaya, Marjayoun, Tripoli, Sidon, Chtoura, and the Beirut Airport highway, among other areas, heated up with multiple demonstrations.

They closed down roads with burning tires, while some forced exchange dealers in the eastern town of Chtoura to shut down.

It is to note that, with the Lebanese Lira collapsing out of control, for the Lebanese who still have jobs in the country, their wages have become useless, not worth a drop of sweat.

In consequences, this is how Lebanon’s streets look like today:

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