Internal Security Forces’ Campaign To Provide More Safety On Lebanese Roads!

The roads in Lebanon are witnessing car accidents and victims every day. In fact, most of the accidents result from distraction. The Internal Security Forces (ISF) launched a campaign called “


” (We photographed you) which aims at providing road safety in Lebanon by applying the new traffic law which was introduced in 2015. According to the ISF, the implementation of the new law decreased the number of car accidents by 22%. Traffic cameras will photograph the license plates of the cars that are not adhering to the law. Also, the tickets will be sent to the driver’s house. These are some of the violations:

  • Trucks driving on the left side of the road
  • Fast driving
  • Using the mobile phone while driving
  • Not wearing a seat belt

In fact, the Director of the Public Relations Division of the ISF Joseph Mousallem


that civilians are also encouraged to report violations by sending information or pictures. Also, he mentioned that the fine for using the mobile phone while driving costs LBP200,000 ($132).

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