International Criminal Court Might Get Involved If Local Probe Into Beirut Explosion Fails

Reuters/Mohamed Azakir

When the massive explosion occurred on August 4th, President Michel Aoun called on an investigative team to present its findings in 5 days, strongly rejecting an international investigation on the grounds that it would waste time and not be efficient.

However, over four months since the deadly Beirut blast, Lebanon’s investigation has yet to yield any results.

Now, the leader of the Lebanese Forces party (LF) Samir Geagea is threatening to resort to the International Criminal Court if Lebanon’s probe into the Beirut Port explosion fails to lead to “clear and convincing results.”

This comment came during a speech from the party’s headquarters on Sunday.

“We will try everything, including going to the International Criminal Court to uncover the truth and the circumstances of this crime,” he stated.

The International Criminal Court investigates cases that involve grave crimes, such as the assassination of Rafic Hariri, as well as genocide and crimes against humanity.

The court could summon all those who knew about the dangerous material in the port, such as the Lebanese President and caretaker Prime Minister who gained knowledge of the ammonium nitrate just weeks before the blast.

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