Lebanese Mayyas’ Final AGT Act Dazzled The World And The Internet Is Going Crazy


Once again, the Lebanese dance crew Mayyas scored big with a stunning performance on America’s Got Talent stage.

With their show for the finals of AGT, The Mayyas surpassed everyone’s expectations, putting on a spectacular show despite the fact that they didn’t have much time to prepare between the semi-finals and the finals.

The internet and the Lebanese in specific have been all over social media, proudly cheering for The Mayyas and calling for the most votes for the group to be awarded the title they clearly deserve.

Famous artists were all over Twitter rooting for The Mayyas.

Lebanese actress Dalida Khalil tweeted out complimenting the Lebanese dance group, saying: “The Mayyas made us dream back of going worldwide.”

Prominent Lebanese artist Zein El Omr congratulated the group on what they were able to deliver on stage:

Columbian-American actress Sofia Vergara was right once again with her assurance of The Mayyas scoring big at the finals and is again calling for people to vote for them.

Lebanese television presenter Neshan Der Haroutiounian (@Neshan on Twitter) expressed how The Mayyas never fail to amaze him:

A Lebanese in the diaspora named Al-Moughtareb on Twitter reposted The Mayyas’ top performance praising the group for their efforts and calling it “A Las Vegas worthy show.”

A couple of Twitter users and Redditors shared that they voted for The Mayyas as well.

The Mayyas are not only dazzling the world with their splendid performances, but they are also showing the world that Lebanon is a country of outstanding arts, culture, and beauty.

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