Patriarch Rahi Asks For Investigation Into ‘Mission de Vie’ Charges

Mission de Vie is a congregation with patriarchal rights that was established by father Wissam Maalouf in 1993.

This congregation is like others that carry the message of God to its people. It is based on obedience, chastity, and poverty within the framework of consecration.

Like most congregations, it provides services to the poor through sheltering houses to the neglected and abandoned, without any discrimination in gender, race, and religion.

Helping with the work are volunteers, which include youth, the committed families, the committed ladies, the medical team, and the psychologists.

Thursday, January 9, State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat charged Mission de Vie with alleged child abuse. A 34-page judicial report was said to have been prepared, documenting the alleged cases dating back to 2013 of physical and sexual abuse.

Father Wissam Maalouf gave a news conference in which he stated that this is a baseless attack against the congregation and that they are “innocent of all charges.” 

Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi requested that an investigation be opened into the allegations.

Last December, two nuns were held in custody and investigated because they refused to turn in children suspected of being victims of abuse. A total of 12 children were requested by the authority for protection.

On Sunday, Public Prosecutor Ghada Aoun charged them with child molestation and failing to cooperate with the judiciary.

She issued a verdict to open an investigation into the allegations against Mission de Vie, referring the case to a judge in Baabda.

Reactions vary and conflict on social media. Some are supporting Mission de Vie and praising them for their efforts.

Others are attacking them and condemning the fact that the whole association is being punished for the wrongdoings of a few people.

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