Lebanese Detained By Israeli Forces After Crossing Into Occupied Shebaa

CIA Director Reportedly Suggested That Israel Withdraws From South Lebanon

Israeli forces have detained a 25-year-old Lebanese man accused of crossing the borders into occupied-territory in south Lebanon, according to security sources.

The man reportedly was at Kfar Shouba Hills near Shebaa Farms. He has been identified as H.A., a resident of the southern village of Habbariyeh, and is currently held for questioning by Israel’s military.

Lebanese officials have not yet made a move to demand his release.

Shelling by the Israeli army towards the Lebanese Kfar Shouba hills in 2014 near the Lebanese-Israeli border. Photo by: Karamallah Daher.

This area at the southern border with Israel has seen similar incidents in recent times, which resulted in detainments of Lebanese and also kidnapping from Lebanon’s territory by Israeli forces, not sparing livelihoods, as in the infamous case of the cows.

Lebanon continues to condemn Israeli regular violations of its airspace and, more recently the tar spilled on Lebanese shores causing environmental damages.

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