Former Justice Minister Just Testified That The Blasted Ammonium Nitrate Belonged To Hezbollah

@christian.atallah | REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

Former Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi has testified before Investigative Judge Fadi Sawan about the origin of the ammonium nitrate that caused the massive explosion at the Beirut Port on August 4th.

Until now, it was believed that the ship carrying the ammonium nitrate made an unscheduled stop in Beirut while on its way to Mozambique but never left.

Rifi, who was also the former head of Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF), says the ammonium nitrate was always intended for Lebanon.

He revealed in a tweet that he informed Judge Sawan that the ammonium nitrate “was sent to Lebanon by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for the benefit of Hezbollah.”

“Part of it was used by the Syrian regime and another part was sent by Hezbollah to its terrorist groups in Cyprus, Kuwait, Germany, and other countries,” he stated.

“The security forces know that Hezbollah controls the port of Beirut in smuggling and importing explosive materials,” Rifi said.

His series of tweets came in response to a lawsuit filed against him by Hezbollah lawyers who are going after anyone who accuses the party of being behind the blast.

Rifi is now accusing Hezbollah of using Lebanon’s judiciary as an “intimidation and elimination tool.”

He called on Judge Sawan to publish his testimony and make it public and said that Hezbollah should think twice before thinking that it can pin the “crime of the century” to some officials.

“The investigation will reveal who brought the nitrates and who stored, protected, and used them, and it will unveil the criminal who intimidated the negligent officials and those who remained silent out of fear or complicity,” he said.

“We will not fear your assassinations and intimidation. The righteous and wounded martyrs of the port will receive justice, and the truth will be revealed,” concluded Rifi.

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