Iran Just Offered to Help Lebanon

The Speaker of the Parliament of Iran, Ali Larijani, arrived in Lebanon on Sunday, February 16th, right after his visit to Bashar Al-Asad in Syria. In Lebanon, Larijani met Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Hassan Diab, Speaker Nabih Berri, and Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.


President Aoun received Ali Larijani at the Baabda Palace on Monday afternoon. Larijani stated to the Lebanese President that his country, Iran, is ready to help improve Lebanon’s economic situation.

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The Speaker of the Parliament of Iran conveyed a message to Aoun from the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, on Lebanese-Iranian relations and means of developing them. The message included an invitation to the Lebanese President to visit Iran.


Ali Larijani also congratulated the President on the formation of the new Lebanese government. The pair also spoke about the displaced Syrians in Lebanon, and the need to return to their country now that stability and security returned to most Syrian regions.

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On the other hand, Larijani also met Hassan Nasrallah. The two reviewed the situation in the country, as well as ways to face political and economic challenges. His visit coincides with Nasrallah calling on the Arab world to unite against trump and to boycott US products.


Larijani met Nabih Berri at his headquarters in West Beirut and PM Hassan Diab. Berri, in his conversation with Ali, highlighted the strength of national solidarity and issued that unity is the Lebanese people’s only option at this day and time.

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This senior foreign official is the first to visit the head of the new government, Hassan Diab since he’s been appointed. He wished the new Lebanese government success in strengthening stability and security in the country. 


Later on Monday, and after concluding his visit, Larijani held a press conference at the Iranian embassy in Beirut, in which he stressed Tehran’s support for the Lebanese Resistance, aka Hezbollah.

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He considered that Lebanon, after the formation of the new government, was able to overcome a sensitive stage. Larijani also hoped that the new government will be able to solve all problems and difficulties. He again expressed his country’s willingness to cooperate with Lebanon in all fields, namely industrial, agricultural, and economic.


Iran, as he pointed out, does not hide its support for the Lebanese Resistance. Describing the resistance and its Secretary-General, Ali Larijani said that Hezbollah is supporting and defending the Lebanese people. Therefore, his country won’t allow other countries to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist movement.

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“We, as a friendly country to Lebanon, are willing to support Lebanon in all fields,” Larijani responded when asked about whether any Iranian support for Lebanon might close the door to Western support. “But we do not commit anyone to this matter and the Lebanese people are mature and resistant,” he added.


“The only party that wants to solve Lebanese problems is the Lebanese people. Lebanon is currently suffering from a problem in the electrical and medicinal sectors, and Lebanon can benefit from Iran’s offers to solve those problems,” he said.

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Ali Larijani is an Iranian conservative politician, philosopher, and former military officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. He’s been Speaker of the Parliament of Iran since 2008.