ISF Has Exposed Over 6 Million Liters Of Fuel Stored In Lebanon

ISF Has Exposed Over 6 Million Liters Of Fuel Stored In Lebanon

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) has released new data on the cumulative quantity of fuel confiscated over the past few weeks.

According to the data, released in a statement on Saturday morning, ISF patrols across Lebanon inspected 372 gas stations between July 1st and August 20th.

In that period, 1,945,640 of fuel stored in gas stations were discovered by ISF personnel — 1,674,895 liters of diesel fuel and 270,745 liters of gasoline.

In addition, the Information Branch tracked down and exposed warehouses storing fuel on private property, discovering over 4,074,115 liters of fuel in total, comprised of 2,805,256 liters of diesel fuel and 1,268,859 liters of gasoline, all of which had been prepared for selling on the black market, the ISF said.

Consequently, 81 people were arrested in relation to monopoly and fuel smuggling, and 16 tankers and 18 vehicles used in smuggling operations were seized.

The confiscated fuel was distributed to hospitals, bakeries, municipalities, private generator owners, charities, and vital institutions that need fuel, based on a judicial notice.

As part of its efforts to combat smuggling, the ISF also implemented a plan that involves monitoring fuel tankers that transport fuel from companies to border regions, between July 28th and August 20th.

The operation oversaw the arrival of around 18 million liters of fuel, namely 10,616,150 liters of gasoline and 8,228,650 liters of diesel fuel, and their distribution at official tariffs.

The ISF urges people to cooperate with it against the monopolization of fuel by calling 112 if they have any information about stockpilers, noting that the identities of callers will be protected according to the law.

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